GARY Investing
GARY Investing


 Origins of Growth At the Right Yield

The G@RY style of investing is the cumulative product of over 30 years of professional investing in what seems like an ever-increasingly volatile market. Tell-tale Capital, our company, offers multiple products but nearly all our clients use G@RY as their core strategy.

G@RY Investing was officially created in 2009. Investors, looking to replace bond-based, income-generating vehicles (which dried up in the wake of the financial crisis), had to invest in dividend-paying stocks. G@RY was a means to do this without drastically increasing capital risk.

To offset the increased risk that must be taken, moving from CDs and bonds to equities, extreme focus is given to valuation and portfolio construction. Our valuation techniques are utterly unique. Over time, we have levered technology and quantitative screens to do the heavy lifting, but we still use fundamental research and portfolio theory to build and manage the product.

We believe G@RY should be a core component and discipline of any investor’s broader investment portfolio.

We have compiled over five years of composite performance data for G@RY which we can share on request.